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Royal fans & umbrellas

We care for traditions

Royal Fans & Umbrellas

For year 2014-2015, Artisans Angkor’s artistic department wanted to remain loyal to its roots by giving its products a truly ‘Cambodian touch’ but in a less traditional way than before. That’s how the “Fans & Umbrellas” collection came into being.

Traditional Khmer Fans & Umbrellas were quite important symbols in the Angkorian era: many Angkor temples feature historic scenes on their walls’ bas-reliefs on which those elegant fans and umbrellas can be seen.

Traditionally, only ancient Angkorian kings had the privilege to be surrounded by those attributes carried by their people standing on the floor. It is said that the level of importance of a character could be assessed by the number of fans and umbrellas surrounding him.

Moreover, legend has it that the sign that showed a ruler’s defeat in battle scenes was the breaking of his umbrella shaft.

The Artisans Angkor’s Fan and Umbrella line fits our approach of reinterpreting some important symbols of the Khmer identity in a unique way. Originally, those attributes were hand carved on sandstone blocks that formed the wall of the ancient temples, but in our collection, unexpected materials were used to represent them: lacquer and silk.

All our lacquer pieces are obviously made with a health- & environment-friendly lacquer in compliance with international standards.


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