This delightful sandstone piece is an original creation by Artisans Angkor


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From the ethnic Khmers to the Phnong tribe, elephants have long been a vital part of Cambodia's economic system, being employed in many ways, such as transport, labor and war. In recent years, the number of wild elephants and even the number of domesticated elephants has dwindled significantly, due to poaching for ivory and capturing the elephants to sell in other countries, such as Thailand or Myanmar.

Eventually, the Cambodian elephant may even disappear entirely as a domesticated species, thanks to new roads being built, cars and scooters becoming more readily available to the Cambodian population and the elephants currently domesticated are getting older without breeding. Due to the nature of the dwindling population of wild Cambodian elephants, capturing them is now strictly prohibited and even if it was not, most of the know-how of the ancient tribes has now been lost.

One day, elephants may only be available through art, so Artisans Angkor has created this tribute to the great creatures, in the hopes that this mother elephant and her child will live on. Hand carved from top quality sandstone, a lot of detail and care has been put into this beautiful piece.

Height 10cm
Width 7cm
Depth 11cm
Weight 1.5kg

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