elephant crouching


This small stone figure of an elephant shows its crouching down, with its legs stretched out both in front and behind of its body, and its trunk curving up and round over its own head. 


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Although that figure is already attractive in terms of its aesthetics, it represents much more than that. You could take it at face value for a stylish addition to the home, or delve a little into its history...

Acting as a glorious member of the animal kingdom in Khmer tradition (and as a fetish symbol for their kings), the vast majority of the temples of Angkor Wat feature statues of this divine creature, and they are often considered the guardians of these temples. Elephants are still used in the region for the transportation of people and merchandise.

The elephant is a symbol of physical and mental strength, of earthiness, and of responsibility. An elephant can be wild, and use these attributed carelessly, however once it has learned to overcome its carefree and unpredictable nature, these features can be used with great responsibility and to wonderful effects. This is a symbol of an important Buddhist message, and would be a great addition and reminder to have in the home.

Height 10cm
Width 5cm
Depth 11cm
Weight 1.5kg

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