Elephant - Respect


This gorgeous piece of soapstone has been meticulously carved, detailed and polished to bring you a stunning rendition of our favorite pachyderm. The color of each piece may differ, as soapstone is a natural product and therefore not uniform

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Elephants have long been a symbol of longevity and wisdom in the Asian world, due to the fact that they live up to around 80 years and are creatures of high intelligence and a great self-awareness.

Soapstone has been used for many hundreds of years in the production of sculptures, statues and furnishings such as fireplaces and kitchen counters. It is known for its ability to be carved with great detail and retain its shape for a long time. It can come in a variety of colors, and each piece may vary, which only adds to their artistic value.

This piece has been skillfully hand carved, paying the utmost attention to detail, which creates a very life-like elephant. You can almost feel the ground shaking as he walks. As the population of Asian elephants dwindles, more and more people will want their very own keepsake, to remind us that these great animals do indeed exist.



Height 9cm
Width 11cm
Depth 6cm
Weight 1kg

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