This Lady square purse is a bi-fold purse made of the finest silk. It has been woven by hand by crafty Cambodian artisans and it has the finest design and colors.

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It has a smooth texture and glossy surface and is ideal for carrying it in your hand or in a handbag. It has four card pockets, 2 compartments with zipper and another one without; it also has a large banknote compartment where you can keep your banknotes unfolded and undamaged.

This square purse has a modern design and it comes in bright and light colors which will set off the rest of your outfit. Wear it with a night dress and carry it smartly in your hand and you will not need to carry along a handbag to your elegant evening. The variety of colors to choose from will assure you that this purse fits with the color of your dress. Carry it also to work or other daily activities and give a touch of brightness to the routine.

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