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This Polychrome statue Standing Buddha one hand up is a beautifully rendered statue hand made in this unique form.

The Standing Buddha two hands up is nowadays one of the most popular representations of the Buddha in south-east Asian countries. It’s a variation of the classical postures of the Buddha.

The Buddha is displaying the "dispelling fear" pose, also known as the Abhaya mudra. The Abhaya mudra is one of the principal mudras in Buddhism, and seeks to bring out the individual's inner strength in order to banish fear and other unwanted emotions. The right hand is shown against the chest, palm outwards.

This painting illustrates a daily scene of the ancient Khmer people, when the elephant was a vital part of their lives, the heart of the culture, and an essential ally for construction or transportation. It was painted by hand on pure silk.

This scene shows a beautiful sunrise drawn in black and white. It was made with sketch technique only. The painting illustrates several typical Khmer houses standing over wooden sticks presumably along the Tonle Sap Lake, making this scene ideal for home decoration.