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Handmade scarf, 100% Raw Silk The patterns on this pure raw silk scarf were inspired by the national flower of Cambodia, the Rumduol. This flower mainly grows in the Siem Reap province. It not only has a light and pleasant perfume but is also used as a traditional remedy in Khmer culture.

Handmade shawl, 100% Raw Silk The most distinguished particularity of the Raw Silk is its irregular aspect that gives a unique and beautiful surface which is appealing to the sight and smooth to the touch.

Handmade scarf, 100% Silk, with a mix of Fine & Raw Silk Silk weaving in Cambodia has an important history and reaches back to ancient times, with patterns and methods that have carried over to today’s artisans. This scarf is a fine example of the silk work performed in Cambodia and incorporates organza, the lightest possible silk fabric as well raw silk. 
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Handmade scarf, 100% Raw Silk Did you know that when unwinding a cocoon to get its silk filament, only one third of the filament makes up for the raw silk part? This is why raw silk is so rare and precious.