This polychrome statue has been lovingly sculpted and decorated with fine gold leaf.


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When King Jayavarman VII defeated the marauding invaders and reclaimed the city for reconstruction with the help of his two wives, Queen Indradevi and Queen Jayarajadevi, the centre of their masterpiece was the Ta Prohm temple. The royals showed their own "Perfection of Wisdom" by creating a large network of hospitals, numbering 102 in total, of which Ta Prohm was the headquarters. The grounds of Ta Prohm spanned 148 acres, though the temple itself only took up two and a half, and around twelve thousand people lived there at one time. The magnificent temple, now unfortunately brought to its knees by a parasitic species of tree called the strangler fig, housed the goddess Pranhaparamita.

Cambodian statues of the Pranhaparamita, or Perfection of Wisdom, often depict the Perfection of Wisdom as a goddess. The head of Pranhaparamita can be recognized by the sitting Buddha in the centre of her headpiece.

This rendition of the goddess has been created using a polychrome technique, first sculpted in wood, then prepared with several coats of plaster to leave a suitable surface for painting. Once the rich base coat has properly taken, the statue was delicately decorated with fine copper leaf.

This statue is also available in stone.

Height 22cm
Width 12cm
Depth 12cm
Weight 3.5kg

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