These stunning lacquer boxes with a traditional lotus motif, are available in large or small sizes and two color choices, black and red. You will be spoilt for choice but will certainly be able to find one or several to complement your deco

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Storage is always an issue in any household, especially for those small easy-to-lose items. With these lovely little boxes you can tuck them away out of sight but readily available, and take enormous pleasure in their hideaway. The delightful design is the lotus flower, a traditional flower of Cambodia. This one is hand-painted on the box by one of our in-house craftsman or woman.

First the box is carved, and carefully sanded, making sure that there is a correct fit between lid and box. Then it is primed with crude lacquer, before the application of several coats of high-quality lacquer in the colors of choice. The artisan has to wait for the lacquer to dry between coats so it is a time-consuming process. In the final stages the lotus flower is painted on. The lacquer gives a strong and lasting surface to the original wooden box, as well as making it a thing of beauty. One of these would make a perfect gift, if you can bear to give it away.



Height 5/6cm
Width 10/15cm
Depth 10/1.5cm
Weight 0.3/0.5kg

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Made from lacquer for the bookend base and soapstone for the central piece.
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This beautiful lacquered box is the latest signature creation of our Artistic department. Enjoy here the extreme delicacy of the lacquered lotus flower design.