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A tasteful piece that can be put in any room, the Water Lily Lacquer Box is carved from wood and can be found in a two colors: black and red. It is available in two sizes that are sold separately.


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Being made from wood it is of good quality and as it comes in several sizes, it can easily suit your needs. There is nothing like having something tasteful to put away small valuables such as necklaces and rings. Many women enjoy having a jewelry box where they can keep some of their most precious things together in the same place. It can also work well in the living room.

The Water Lily is one of Cambodia's traditional flowers. The box itself depicts a water lily made of copper leaves. A simple yet tasteful piece to add to the home, this will be the perfect thing to use if you are interested in getting rid of clutter that can constantly build up around the home. Having being lacquered after creation, this is a piece that will last for a long time to come.

Height 5/6cm
Width 10/15cm
Depth 10/1.5cm
Weight 0.3/0.5kg

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