The Lacquer flower Round box is a finely finished wooden box in dark hues and with a handmade silver plated design on its lid. The box exists in two sizes, large and small, which are sold separately. 

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This silver plated embossed design resembles a flower and it ends up in a stick which serves the purpose of handle which you can use to open the box. The lacquer curing process has given the wood a hard, durable and water-resistant clear finish. The properties of lacquer make of this cover the perfect substance for protecting wooden objects due to its toughness and flexibility.

The surface of the box has been polished to a high gloss, and this, in combination with its dark color, make of it an elegant box which can be placed in the middle of a living room or in the entrance hall of a house to keep things inside or just as a decorative object. The durability of the lacquer is a guarantee of the durability of this object. Even when placed in bathrooms or near the kitchen, this box will not lose its glossiness for a long time. It is also resistant to damage and it is not probable the coat will crack if the box accidentally falls thanks to the flexibility of the lacquer.

Height 4/5cm
Width 7/12cm
Weight 0.1/0.3kg

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This beautiful lacquered box is the latest signature creation of our Artistic department. Enjoy here the extreme delicacy of the lacquered lotus flower design.