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Devata, Bayon style

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This majestic bas-relief was totally hand carved in sandstone. It was inspired by a piece from Bayon temple (XIIth-XIIIth centuries). This piece exists in two different sizes: BIG Dimensions: W. 80cm x H. 111cm x L. 25cm MEDIUM Dimensions: W. 35cm x H. 50cm x L. 8cm

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There are thousands of sandstone bas-reliefs in the monuments of Angkor. Most of these stone images portray Devata reliefs at the outer and inner walls of the temples. Devatas are divinities who take care of heroes who were dead in combat. They are usually represented the same way: bare breasted, stunning hairdos, huge jewelry, elegant long draped skirt tied around their waist, and hands in charming gestures.

This Devata has a very enigmatic smile, which can make every viewer wonder about the divine mystery housed in the temples. The sculpture is attributable to the third stage of the Bayon style, with this triangular hairstyle, the raised left hand picking a stalk of flowers and the other hand holding a garland-scarf.

This Devata under a canopy of flowers; this floral context emphasizes the Devata as the embodiment of the vital forces of nature.

Our artisans hand carved this piece from a block of sandstone, the same kind of material which was used to build Angkor temples.

This sandstone sculpture can be displayed outside but it cannot be exposed to long-lasting frost. You can clean this piece with clear water but you should avoid contact with oil products to prevent grease stains.