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Wild animal cushion cover square

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These opulent silk cushion covers are made from pure hand-woven silk and sold separately. Angkor Artisans does not make or sell cushions. The cushion cover is 45cm long by 45cm wide.

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SILK HOME DECORATION Wild animal cushion cover square

Every home deserves a touch of luxury and culture, and both are superbly provided by these gratifyingly attractive cushion covers that depict the wild and beloved animals of Cambodia, including white elephants and quails. The contemporary print is offset by the glossy aspect of the silk.

The white elephant has long been a prominent icon in Cambodian history, traditionally in service to the royal family, favored for their rarity and beauty. The white elephant also plays a role in many Hindu and Buddhist legends, most significantly the birth of Buddha, where a white elephant carrying a single lotus flower appeared to Queen Maya and circled around her three times before entering her right side. When Siddartha was born, he is said to have issued from her right side, exactly where the white elephant entered it.

Quails have been a reliable source of sustenance throughout Cambodian history, and there are three different species currently residing there, not including buttonquails. Most quail species lay large clutches of eggs, from five to thirteen in a clutch. This makes them doubly valuable as a food supply.