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Coin purse

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This Coin Purse is a small pouch made of hand woven silk of the best quality. It is available in three different sizes, which are sold separately. Big Dimensions: W. 15cm x L. 12cm Medium Dimensions: W. 11cm x L. 9cm Small Dimensions: W. 8cm x L. 7.5cm

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The fabric has a smooth and glossy surface at the same time that it is durable and tear resistant. It is very safe as it is provided with a zipper system, so you can keep very small objects in it without fear of losing them.

This purse is very handy and it comes in a wide variety colors and patterns, according to your personal taste. It comes in different sizes also, according to your needs. Carry everything you need with you, from small change to accessories or cosmetics. This item of Cambodian craftsmanship will brighten your outfit with its modern and cheerful design and colors.