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Great Buddha teaching

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This beautiful Polychrome and gilded statue presents the Buddha in the protection pose. The Protection Buddha signifies courage and offers protection from anger, delusion, and fear. Its dimensions are W. 35cm x H. 41cm x L. 19cm. 

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PRESTIGE COLLECTION Great Buddha teaching

The Protection Buddha's hand gesture, or mudra, has the right hand raised facing palm-out with the left hand rested on his lap. The posture, with one leg resting on top of the other, is known as the single lotus position. The lotus flower in the center of Buddha's right palm symbolizes his purity. In Buddhism, the lotus flower is also a symbol of fortune.

The dark red robe contrasts vividly with the Buddha's golden body. The detailed, precise work of our craftsmen is best exemplified by the intricate details of the head and face and in the carefully applied coloring of the robe and body. This statue is best positioned facing outwards, in the front of your house where it can best provide protection and promote wealth, love, and career success for your entire household. This Buddha's posture and general aspect remind us of one of the core tenets of Buddhism: awareness and protection of life. Bring this symbol into your home and reap the benefits and good fortune that it brings into you and your loved ones' lives.