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Shipping policy


Artisans Angkor uses 3rd parties specialized in shipping, namely DHL and SDV which can ship to virtually any address in the world.
Artisans Angkor makes no profit on shipment costs and thrives to provide you with the best prices and services.




When you buy our products online, products are shipped directly from Cambodia to your country.


  •  Under 60kg : shipment via DHL 

All shipments less than 60 kg will be sent via DHL ( by plane. Delivery is Door-to-Door international delivery. If one item of your delivery is over 25 kg or over a volume of 0,15 m3 , the Cambodian customs will reserve the right to charge US$ 100 for export verification.


  •  Over 60kg : shipment by SDV (No online payment is available for this procedure. Please contact us directly)

All shipments over 60 kg will be sent via SDV ( by sea freight. Delivery is Port to port (CIF). Additional charges may be added at destination for customs and transportation from the port to your place. These charges will be born by you.


The freight cost does not include the possible customs clearance charges, duties and taxes that may be applicable under the legislation of your country.




  • Under 60kg: shipment via DHL

For a weight less than 60 kg the packaging is free of charge, however the weight of the packaging is included in the shipping cost.


  • Over 60kg : shipment via SDV (no online payment is available for this option, please contact us if you need further information)

 For a weight over 60 kg the packaging is charged as followed * :

•  USD 55 under 100 kg

•  USD 75 between 100kg and 500 kg

•  USD 150 between 500kg and 1000 kg

•  USD 250 over 1000 kg

No charges are added for the weight of the packaging.

* indicative prices : Cost of packaging will be adjusted according to the weight of each order and will respond to the needs of protection required by our transportation partner (insurance) as well as our standard of quality to better match your demand.

Time required for delivery

Delivery date may vary according to stock availability, product characteristics, customs and any other factor caused by a 3rd party. Artisans Angkor shall not be responsible for any delay or damage caused by related or 3rd party such as freight forwarder, customs, etc.

Most items are delivered in time with the following rule:

Shipment under 60 kg through DHL: Shipment by air 2 to 3 weeks..
Shipment over 60 kg through SDV: Shipment by sea for 2 to 4 months.


Please note that for some items inspired by the Angkorian heritage, such as stone products and lacquerware, two to three weeks are necessary to obtain an authorization from the Cambodian government to send the product(s) out of the country.

The given estimated delivery date for the ordered product cannot always be guaranteed.

The Buyer agrees that any delay in the delivery shall not be the cause for the rejection of the product. The Seller cannot be held responsible for any inconvenience resulting from the delay in the delivery of the order. In the delivery process of hand-made products, there are numerous factors beyond Artisans Angkor's control, which can cause delay, sometimes in exceed of 90 days.


Customs and Sale Tax

At the final destination and according to the Buyer's residential country, the delivery can be subject to local import tax, custom clearance, and/or port to door delivery service. Those charges shall be borne by the Buyer. We have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary widely from country to country; you should contact your local customs office for further information.




  • Under 60kg (shipment via DHL)

The insurance via DHL is mandatory and included in the shipping fees displayed on the website. It represents 1,5% of the value of the order, with a minimum of US$ 10. This insurance covers the replacement and the transport of every defective item: broken, mistaken, etc. 


  • Over 60kg (shipment by SDV : no online payment is available for this procedure. Please contact us directly)

The insurance via SDV is 3,5% of 110% of the value of the order, with a minimum of US$ 56. This insurance covers the replacement and the transport of the defective item: broken, mistaken, etc.