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Whatever your decor is, this lacquered panel with its palm tree motif in 3 sections is likely to find its place. Designed and hand crafted in one of our Siem Reap workshops in Cambodia, it will bring a touch of Asia into your home. 

This lacquer painting is a stunning rendition of three of the hand movements used in traditional Khmer dancing.

A tasteful, beautiful bowl that can be put in a number of different rooms throughout the home, the Lacquer Bowl Hibiscus Red is something that helps to depict the traditional Cambodian flower.

This Polychrome statue Standing Buddha one hand up is a beautifully rendered statue hand made in this unique form.

The Long Sleeve Shirt is a wrap-around garment that can be worn at either formal or casual events. Wear a top that is of a similar color, this is the perfect outfit for those who are looking something a little more figure-flattering.  Our model is also wearing fine silk Wrap-Around pants.

The Dolman Collar Shirt is a garment that will certainly catch the eye of anyone who sees it, and can give the wearer a formal and refined look, with an obvious Asian touch.

Handmade scarf, 100% Fine Silk This scarf was carefully made by our artisans in rural workshops in Siem Province on a traditional loom, so each of these scarves is unique.  

Handmade scarf, 100% Fine Silk The Lboeuk Scarf is a hand woven scarf made of the finest silk. It has been woven with a technique called Lboeuk, which is characterized by a diamond geometrical pattern.  

The lotus Ceramics collection features porcelain bowls, cups, jars and vases that were made by our talented artisans, according to the traditional ceramics techniques. Each piece of this collection is adorned with lotus-like motifs in relief, which we can explore by slightly touching it.

This Men Chorebap vest is a must in any trendy man’s wardrobe. This entire piece of clothing was handwoven and sewn with pure silk in our traditional workshops. 

The Elephant of Mebon, hand made from sandstone, is a stunning and intricately-carved piece that anyone would be happy to have in their home. It has a unique, imposing presence which can be the perfect conversation-starter.