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The Simple Case is a piece that is hand-woven from silk by our artisans. This makes it a unique and interesting gift or even just a treat for oneself.

Carry your mobile phone in style with one of these beautiful phone covers, made from hand-woven pure silk. The covers come in two sizes, one larger size to fit bigger phones such as the iPhone and a smaller size to fit traditional, shorter mobile phones. They are sold separately.

This beautiful lacquered box is the latest signature creation of our Artistic department. Enjoy here the extreme delicacy of the lacquered lotus flower design.

Handmade shawl, 100% Fine Silk The Princess shawl is a large, light and smooth accessory that will instantly brighten any of your outfits. It can be worn around your neck as a simple scarf, on your head for a super star effect, in your hair to accessorize your hairstyle, as a light top on the beach, etc. The possibilities are unlimited!

Handmade scarf, Organza & Lace Match it with the Lily Lace Top!

$17.10 $19.00
The Toilet Bag is an accessory that is both practical yet elegant looking. Simple in its design, the bag can be easily stored away in either a suitcase or an overnight bag, depending on the stay.

This Lady square purse is a bi-fold purse made of the finest silk. It has been woven by hand by crafty Cambodian artisans and it has the finest design and colors.

This versatile fold-over envelope bag is made from hand-woven pure silk. It comes in a selection of six attractive colors: black, brown, charcoal, fuchsia, green and red.

Transform traditional, bland cushions with these gorgeous bicolor water lily cushion covers. The covers come in square and rectangular sizes, sold separately, and come in rich shades of Bronze/Anis, Red/Violet and Charcoal/Fuchsia.

$13.50 $15.00
Handmade short scarf, 100% Organza The Arun Organza scarf is a simple, light, colorful and smooth accessory that will instantly brighten up any of your outfits. It can also be worn as a headband.