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This Dragon fly table runner was carefully hand made from pure fine silk, hand woven and hand sewn by our Cambodian artisans in the Siem Reap province. It is available in four colors: Bronze, Burgundy, Orange and Red, sold separately.

The Long Sleeve Shirt is a wrap-around garment that can be worn at either formal or casual events. Wear a top that is of a similar color, this is the perfect outfit for those who are looking something a little more figure-flattering.  Our model is also wearing fine silk Wrap-Around pants.

The Dolman Collar Shirt is a garment that will certainly catch the eye of anyone who sees it, and can give the wearer a formal and refined look, with an obvious Asian touch.

Handmade scarf, 100% Fine Silk The Lboeuk Scarf is a hand woven scarf made of the finest silk. It has been woven with a technique called Lboeuk, which is characterized by a diamond geometrical pattern.  

The lotus Ceramics collection features porcelain bowls, cups, jars and vases that were made by our talented artisans, according to the traditional ceramics techniques. Each piece of this collection is adorned with lotus-like motifs in relief, which we can explore by slightly touching it.

These fine silk underpants are great for any man who wants to feel comfortable on a daily basis. You’ll feel good by wearing them as silk proteins are very close to skin proteins that will make you feel as you’re wearing nothing.

Handmade shawl, 100% Fine Silk The Princess shawl is a large, light and smooth accessory that will instantly brighten any of your outfits. It can be worn around your neck as a simple scarf, on your head, as a light top on the beach. The possibilities are unlimited! OUR OFFER: Buy three Princess Shawls of your favourite colours, and get free shipping...

Handmade scarf, Organza & Lace Match it with the Lily Lace Top!

This delightful sandstone piece is an original creation by Artisans Angkor

This gorgeous lacquer painting of Buddha under a tree is both beautiful and symbolic. Deep, rich shades of orange and red are striking against the black lacquered background with a serene, smiling Buddha in the center of the piece.

The Lacquer panel of Apsara Holding Lotus Flower is a fine piece of art made by skillful artisans. It represents this mythological female creature which is compared to angels because of her beauty and which has the power to change into infinite shapes.