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The Lacquer panel of Apsara Holding Lotus Flower is a fine piece of art made by skillful artisans. It represents this mythological female creature which is compared to angels because of her beauty and which has the power to change into infinite shapes.

The Simple Case is a piece that is hand-woven from silk by our artisans. This makes it a unique and interesting gift or even just a treat for oneself.

This Lady square purse is a bi-fold purse made of the finest silk. It has been woven by hand by crafty Cambodian artisans and it has the finest design and colors.

Looking and feeling sophisticated, polished and organized is necessary for any professional. Use this beautiful hand-woven name card holder to keep your business name cards tucked away and structured.

The Charming Cushion Cover is made of hand woven silk of the best quality. The fabric is durable and wear and tear resistant. It comes in two shapes, rectangular and square, which are sold separately. Cushions are not for sale.

This Dragon fly table runner was carefully hand made from pure fine silk, hand woven and hand sewn by our Cambodian artisans in the Siem Reap province. It is available in four colors: Bronze, Burgundy, Orange and Red, sold separately.

The airy Wrap-Around Pants are a great addition to a light and breezy outfit that can be worn during those warm summer days. They come in three colors and three sizes. 

The Dolman Collar Shirt is a garment that will certainly catch the eye of anyone who sees it, and can give the wearer a formal and refined look, with an obvious Asian touch.

Handmade scarf, 100% Raw Silk The patterns on this pure raw silk scarf were inspired by the national flower of Cambodia, the Rumduol. This flower mainly grows in the Siem Reap province. It not only has a light and pleasant perfume but is also used as a traditional remedy in Khmer culture.

Handmade scarf, 100% Fine Silk The Lboeuk Scarf is a hand woven scarf made of the finest silk. It has been woven with a technique called Lboeuk, which is characterized by a diamond geometrical pattern.  

The lotus Ceramics collection features porcelain bowls, cups, jars and vases that were made by our talented artisans, according to the traditional ceramics techniques. Each piece of this collection is adorned with lotus-like motifs in relief, which we can explore by slightly touching it.

Elephants and their babies have a very prominent place in Cambodian stories and culture. This luscious painting of a mother elephant with her cub in front of Angkor Wat, has been depicted in black and red lacquer and further decorated with fine copper leaf, then coated with a clear lacquer to preserve and protect the painting.