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This Mini straight top is entirely made of organza silk fabric. It was hand woven and sewn in traditional rural workshop. It is so light that it will be comfortable to wear when you run your daily errands during spring or summer time. You will have a casual style thanks to this simple design and smooth texture will be so soft on your skin that you will...

The Coat dress is made of Fine Silk and is the perfect elegant touch for transitional seasons!

These opulent silk cushion covers are made from pure hand-woven silk and sold separately. Angkor Artisans does not make or sell cushions.

The airy Wrap-Around Pants are a great addition to a light and breezy outfit that can be worn during those warm summer days. They come in three colors and three sizes. 

Handmade scarf, 100% Raw Silk The patterns on this pure raw silk scarf were inspired by the national flower of Cambodia, the Rumduol. This flower mainly grows in the Siem Reap province. It not only has a light and pleasant perfume but is also used as a traditional remedy in Khmer culture.

These fine silk underpants are great for any man who wants to feel comfortable on a daily basis. You’ll feel good by wearing them as silk proteins are very close to skin proteins that will make you feel as you’re wearing nothing.

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Elephants and their babies have a very prominent place in Cambodian stories and culture. This luscious painting of a mother elephant with her cub in front of Angkor Wat, has been depicted in black and red lacquer and further decorated with fine copper leaf, then coated with a clear lacquer to preserve and protect the painting.

This delightful sandstone piece is an original creation by Artisans Angkor

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Whatever your decor is, this lacquered panel with its palm tree motif in 3 sections is likely to find its place. Designed and hand crafted in one of our Siem Reap workshops in Cambodia, it will bring a touch of Asia into your home. 

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The Lacquer flower Round box is a finely finished wooden box in dark hues and with a handmade silver plated design on its lid. The box exists in two sizes, large and small, which are sold separately.