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The Man Purse is a hand-woven silk wallet, and being such will be of a unique and lasting quality. The size (W. 11.5cm x L. 9.5cm) is perfect as it will allow you to slip this easily into your pocket and will not take up too much overall.

The Bayadere cushion cover is entirely made of raw silk fabric, whose strips were dyed in different colors, and sewn together by hand. The whole cushion cover was entirely hand woven on a traditional wooden loom by a Cambodian artisan working in a rural workshop located in the region of Angkor. 

Legend has it that on the Buddha’s last day on Earth, he invited all the animals but only 12 showed up. To reward them, he named a year after each one of them. Khmer people usually don’t ask for your birthdate, instead they ask for your animal.

Created out of fine sandstone, this teaching Buddha statue depicts a smiling Buddha situated in the teacher pose, also called the vitaka mudra . Mudras indicate the function and nature of that specific deity

The Ikat cushion cover is entirely made of fine silk. It was produced by hand thanks to a complex tie-dyeing technique called Ikat, hence its name! This technique consists in making the bicolored design appear during the weaving process as each weft thread was dyed several times according to the desired finished design. 

The Slitted Raw Cushion Cover is made from raw silk, a type of silk that is a lot rarer than even fine silk. These cushions come in two shapes, square and rectangular, and are sold separately.

Handmade scarf, 100% Fine Silk OUR OFFER: Buy two Ikats and get free shipping worldwide!

Handmade shawl, 100% Raw Silk The most distinguished particularity of the Raw Silk is its irregular aspect that gives a unique and beautiful surface which is appealing to the sight and smooth to the touch.

Handmade scarf, 100% Silk, with a mix of Fine & Raw Silk Silk weaving in Cambodia has an important history and reaches back to ancient times, with patterns and methods that have carried over to today’s artisans. This scarf is a fine example of the silk work performed in Cambodia and incorporates organza, the lightest possible silk fabric as well raw silk.