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The Two Split Dress is a garment that presents both a very simple yet effective design. It is something which can be worn to evening dinners and other formal events, or even if you plan on going somewhere special for the day. 

The Princess collar top is made of organza, the smoothest kind of silk ever. Just match it with a pair of jeans or cropped trousers, it will suit you amazingly.

The Long Sleeve Shirt is a wrap-around garment that can be worn at either formal or casual events. Wear a top that is of a similar color, this is the perfect outfit for those who are looking something a little more figure-flattering.  Our model is also wearing fine silk Wrap-Around pants.

This casual chic Mao collar shirt is entirely made of Fine Silk. It can be worn in any occasion, casual or formal as it adds a stylish touch to anything else you will be wearing.