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The Sleeveless shirt is a chic, elevated piece that will become staple in your wardrobe. This shirt is entirely made of Fine Silk, and was hand woven and sewn in traditional rural workshops. 

What a fashionable poncho! It can be worn two ways – the first option is to wear it with a square collar, whereas the second option consists of turning it sideways so that it features a V-neckline. The Print poncho was entirely handmade in fine Organza, which makes it very smooth to wear. Its designs were printed by hand thanks to the screen-printing...

The Coat dress is made of Fine Silk and is the perfect elegant touch for transitional seasons!

What you’ll love about the Fountain top is its Grecian fine silk drape at the front that will immediately give you a classy style. It was entirely made by hand by our talented craftsmen and women in traditional Cambodian workshops. 

The Lily Lace top features a mock neckline, a cutout back with silk ribbon closure. Entirely made of fine organza silk ornamented with lace decorations, it is a must for any woman who wants to be stylish during spring and summer time. Its sleeveless designs gives it a sensual look while the flower lace adds a romantic touch.

This Mini straight top is entirely made of organza silk fabric. It was hand woven and sewn in traditional rural workshop. It is so light that it will be comfortable to wear when you run your daily errands during spring or summer time. You will have a casual style thanks to this simple design and smooth texture will be so soft on your skin that you will...

The Print Cape was entirely made of fine silk. It was hand woven by our craftsmen and women on traditional wooden looms in Cambodian rural workshops. The two designs that were printed on it were inspired by Angkorian motifs that can be seen on many temples: the Phka flower, which is a stylized depiction of the Romduol, and the national Cambodian flower.

Want to add a colorful touch to your outfit? Wear this Kaftan short tunic. It is totally handmade in fine silk and can adapt to all kinds of body shapes. The reversible sleeves will be a great match with your accessories and/or trousers. 

Forget sad black and white! Want to have an original style that will astonish everyone around you? Get immediately this Cravate jersey top that has a never-seen-before style that reminds an integrated necklace. It would be a perfect match with a pair of jeans or cropped city pants. Wear it during informal parties with your friends, and everyone will...

This casual chic Plastron tunic is made of Organza. It can be worn in any occasion, casual or formal as it adds a stylish touch to anything else you will be wearing!

This Ballon dress is made of fine Silk & Organza, and is to be worn for special occasions. It was hand woven  on traditional looms by our talented artisans. Team it with a belt to accentuate your waist.

This smooth Elastic long skirt is perfect for summer times. It can be worn either as a skirt or as a bare shoulders dress with elasticized square neckline – self-tie shoulder straps are provided – and a shift silhouette. It was entirely hand woven and sewn by talented artisans working in traditional workshops located near the Angkor temples.