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Handmade shawl, 100% Raw Silk The most distinguished particularity of the Raw Silk is its irregular aspect that gives a unique and beautiful surface which is appealing to the sight and smooth to the touch.

Handmade scarf, 100% Fine SilkDry clean only These scarves were hand made out of pure silk using a traditional technique of weaving which enables to let appear subtle and almost transparent tartan motifs.

Handmade scarf, 100% Fine Silk The Big Elegant Scarf is made of hand-woven silk of the best quality. It is a very durable and wear resistant fabric. The scarf has a fine vertical lining made by our artisans thanks to a special weaving technique. 

Handmade scarf, 100% Fine Silk

Handmade scarf, 100% Fine Silk Did you know that some of our silk designs were inspired by the Angkor monuments? Our River Chorebap scarf was indeed based on the shape of the River of a Thousand Lingas, a surreal site where multiple phallic sculptures of the Hindu god Shiva have been carved beneath the river bed. 

Handmade scarf in 100% Fine Silk The small Jasmine scarf is made from silk that was hand-woven by artisans, with a geometrical motif representative of the Jasmine flower. OUR OFFER: Buy two Small Jasmine scarves of any colour and we will deliver them to you for free!

Handmade scarf, 100% Fine Silk This scarf was carefully made by our artisans in rural workshops in Siem Province on a traditional loom, so each of these scarves is unique.  

Handmade shawl, 100% Fine Silk Each scarf produced using the sophisticated Hôl Lboeuk method takes one whole month to produce, and is a true masterpiece in silk weaving. This silk scarf has been created using a very complicated and sophisticated process of silk weaving, called Hôl lboeuk.  OUR OFFER: Buy two Hol Lboeuk scarves of your favourite colour,...

Handmade scarf, 100% Organza

Handmade scarf, 100% Raw Silk The patterns on this pure raw silk scarf were inspired by the national flower of Cambodia, the Rumduol. This flower mainly grows in the Siem Reap province. It not only has a light and pleasant perfume but is also used as a traditional remedy in Khmer culture.