In the mood for boheme

 A brand new silk collection made for the whole family


    "In the Mood for Boheme" is a special silk clothing line which was created by Euro-Asian fashion designer Magali An Berthon  for Artisans Angkor. She brought her romantic vision to this exclusive capsule collection which revisits Cambodian silk. It results in a mix of cultures disclosed through fresh colors and spring-inspired shapes.  



 A word on the designer...


"This is a great moment when for the first time, you get the chance to have a clothing line bearing your name. I hope that people will enjoy wearing those clothes as much as I enjoyed designing them..."


Born in Canada to a French father and a Vietnamese mother, Magali An Berthon feels international. Her upbringing filled her mind with exotic experiences, an attraction for the uniqueness of every culture and a fondness for ethnic arts & crafts and natural fabrics. 

She graduated from the École Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, also known as Arts Décos (National School of Decorative Arts) in Paris and since then, has worked for various Fashion Houses, such as Kenzo, Nelly Rodi Trend Lab, Judy Ross Textiles, Coco Hellein, etc.  


While she keeps working as a freelance textile designer, Magali also fulfills her passion for travel by embracing a globe-trotting career as a reporter for Ô Feminin, a weekly French TV travel magazine.



Sharing a common passion for premium fabrics

It takes such a long time to bring a collection to life, from the first idea to the drawing and conception of prototypes that it may be hard to define when it is really born.
On the racks? On the runway? On the glossy pages of magazines? Or maybe during the meet-cute of a creative passion and a meaningful story…  
From "here" to "elsewhere", there is always a way for Magali An Berthon. When she was traveling in Asia for her project Tissus & Artisans du Monde (Fabrics and Artisans of the World), the young woman visited Artisans Angkor to get more information about the company's mission: reviving Khmer Arts & Crafts while providing employment opportunities to Cambodian rural youth. 
When a genuine fabric lover meets high quality silk, there it happens: passion at first sight. Future plans were almost immediately considered and the project of a capsule collection soon started to come up. This collaboration took almost a year, from defining the motifs and designs of this exclusive collection to thoroughly producing by hand the clothing and accessories in Artisans Angkor workshops in Siem Reap province.    

 From Inspiration to Creation 

Brunch in Phnom Penh, chill out in Kep, fun in Sihanoukville… The modern family knows how to adapt to every environment, moving from a morning shopping at the nearby busy market to a quiet afternoon walking in the rice fields.


To suit these ever changing life situations, the brief was to design a clothing line based on Artisans Angkor handmade fine silk fabric. Inspiration was taken from spring stunning beauty, urban contemporary trends, with of course a touch of Boheme, Magali's signature style.  





Style changes. Quality remains.