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APSARA Authority


Artisans Angkor had the privilege to be mandated for the restoration of several parts of the historical Angkor site by the APSARA Authority, which is the institution created by the Cambodian Government for the Protection and Management of Angkor and the Region of Siem Reap, in charge of research, protection and conservation of cultural heritage, as well as urban and tourist development.



Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of Cambodia


The Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports supported the conception of an educational project called the Chantiers-Ecoles de Formation Professionnelle in 1992, which then led to the creation establishment of Artisans Angkor. 



Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts of Cambodia 


Artisans Angkor works together with the Ministry of Culture and Fine Arts for the preservation of Cambodian traditional Arts and Crafts. A support letter from the Minister of Culture, Mrs. PHOEURNG Sackona, was addressed to Artisans Angkor as a token of appreciation for our dedication to the preservation and promotion of Cambodian cultural heritage, notably on the occasion of the Special Commemorative Exhibition of ASEAN-Republic of Korea Summit 2014 at the Busan Museum of Art, Republic of Korea, for which we lent 19 majestic pieces from our workshops.



Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia  


The Ministry of Tourism regularly invites Artisans Angkor to participate to international exhibitions worldwide in order to promote Cambodia as a touristic destination. On these occasions, Artisans Angkor is often in charge of the decoration of Cambodia’s booths. 



Ministry of Commerce, Kingdom of Cambodia 


The Ministry of Commerce regularly entrusts to Artisans Angkor the decoration of the Cambodian Pavilion during World Expos, such as Yeosu, Korea (2012) and Milan, Italy (2015).



The Royal Palace of Cambodia


Artisans Angkor has the great privilege to be regularly entrusted to supply the Royal Palace, that is, the Cambodian Royal Family, with our most sophisticated pieces craft and pieces, such as our Golden Buddha on his throne, Golden Buddha Enlightenment Black and Golden Buddha sitting, which are delicate sculptures made from wood and soapstone, gilded with real gold leaves. 


The Royal University of Fine Arts of Cambodia (RUFA)


Artisans Angkor was pleased to donate to RUFA tools and raw materials like sandstone blocks, which were used by the students during their diverse assignments. Artisans Angkor also organized special visits in its craft and silk workshops for 3rd and 4th year students from the University, and gave them the possibility to make, as a graduation project, a proposal of a new layout for the Exhibition Hall which ends the tour of the Silk Farm. 



The European Union 


Through the REPLIC project (1998-2001), the European Union supported the creation of Artisans Angkor as a workplace dedicated to the economic integration of young craftsmen that were trained by the Chantiers-Ecoles de Formation Professionnelle. 




 L’Agence Française de Développement (AFD) 


As a public development finance institution that works to fight poverty and foster economic growth in developing countries, the Agence Française de Développement (French Agency for Development) provided us with a loan in 2003 so that Artisans Angkor could become a semi-public limited company. 



United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO)   


Artisans Angkor has the great privilege to have regularly received from the highest authority that protects heritage and for supports craft producers, the UNESCO, several ‘’Awards of Excellence for Handicrafts.’’ 






World Crafts Council (WCC)  


Artisans Angkor is proud and honored to be a member of the World Crafts Council as this non-governmental organization and our company share the same goals of sustainable development through the assertion of cultural identity and protection of cultural diversity while taking into account social and human values. Founded in 1964, the World Crafts Council (WCC) is a NGO affiliated to UNESCO in a consultative status. This organization groups together companies excelling in craftsmanship and in order to find solutions to maintain traditional handicraft skills while being innovative and reaching out new markets. 



Artisans Angkor joined Artisans Association of Cambodia, an organization created over a decade ago thanks to the support of the World Rehabilitation Fund (WRF), the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and the International Labor Organization (ILO) that develop synergies among Cambodian handicrafts producers, in 2017. 



The Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP) 


Artisans Angkor is thrilled to have been awarded by the Good Design Awards (Mekong Design Selection) organized by the ASEAN-Japan center in collaboration with the Japan Institute of Design Promotion (JDP). The JDP’s ultimate goal in promoting design is to complete an environment in which anyone can freely take charge of the thinking and methodology for ingenious solutions to any number of challenges or issues. 



Mekong-Ganga Textile Museum


Artisans Angkor was pleased to help the Cambodian delegation decorate the sections dedicated to Cambodia in this Museum which aims at showcasing the variety of traditional textiles made by hand in several South-East Asian and South Asian countries – Cambodia, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, and Laos. 


Krousar Thmey


Mid 2000s’, Artisans Angkor got the opportunity to get one of our (hearing) chiefs of workshops trained in the sign language by Krousar Thmey, an association which amongst others created Khmer sign language in order to help Cambodian children integrate socially. This chief of workshop was then able to train deaf apprentices in the art of silk painting and lacquering. Artisans Angkor and Krousar Thmey share the same values of respect and solidarity towards the most disadvantaged people, which is why we endeavor to ensure integration of a minimum number of individuals with disabilities in the company.




As Artisans Angkor and SIPAR share the same goals of development and empowerment through education, it was only logical that a partnership between the two would be undertaken. This on-going cooperation enables our artisans’ children to enjoy public reading and cultural performances that hopefully will open doors on the world through the pleasures of knowledge, first step in the battle against illiteracy and poverty. 


Phare, The Cambodian Circus


Since Artisans Angkor and Phare, The Cambodian Circus share the same will to pass on traditional Khmer culture, a partnership was created so that Artisans Angkor has the great pleasure to have its products displayed at Phare’s place to raise awareness about that other part of traditional Cambodian culture which is craftsmanship. Phare performers use theater, music, dance and modern circus arts to tell uniquely Cambodian stories; historical, folk and modern. 






Agir pour Soulager la Douleur (ASD)


The association Agir pour Soulager la Douleur (Acting to relieve pain), which consists of a volunteer medical team who wants to pass on their pain relief techniques, comes to Artisans Angkor twice a year in order to help improve our employees’ well-being, notably thanks to the use of hypnosis. 



A.I.R. Khmer Association


Since 2009, A.I.R. Khmer, a French medical volunteer association consisting of dentists, lung specialists, gynecologists and dermatologists, comes to Artisans Angkor twice to four times a year in order to follow-up our artisans’ health. This association also works in cooperation with local doctors in hospitals, pneumology care centers and other medical associations in Cambodia. 


Cambodian Red Cross


Thanks to our partnership with the Cambodian Red Cross (CRC), two experts from the famous NGO come to Artisans Angkor twice a year to train our employees in first-aid gestures and make a thorough follow-up of their skills.


Paul Dubrule School


Artisans Angkor was delighted to build the front wall of Paul Dubrule School, a hospitality and tourism training school in Siem Reap that provides its students with a curriculum adapted to international standards, and to provide decoration to its lovely garden.  



Planète Urgence


Thanks to our partnership with Planète Urgence (PU), a French NGO that supports projects implemented in situations where communities are experiencing social and economic vulnerability, regular training of Artisans Angkor’s guides and sellers were with the collaboration of PU volunteers. Those training sessions aim at improving the quality of service we offer to our visitors.


Pour un Sourire d’Enfant


Artisans Angkor is proud to regularly welcome as interns several students from the NGO Pour un Sourire d’Enfant, an organization which supports disadvantaged youth by providing them education and vocational training. 


Sala Baï - Agir pour le Cambodge


As Artisans Angkor and the association Agir pour le Cambodge, which provides free training to young underprivileged Cambodians in the hospitality industry, share the same values, it was a great pleasure for us to offer 60 silk scarves and make 148 new uniforms to the students of Sala Baï, which is a Hotel & Restaurant School founded in 2002 by the NGO. 





Cambodia Airports


In partnership with Cambodia Airports, Artisans Angkor is proud to be in charge of the decoration of the extension of Phnom Penh and Siem Reap airports.





Thanks to our partnership with Dufry group, a global travel retailer that operates in more than 60 countries, Artisans Angkor is able to have several parts of our collection displayed in Dufry stores located in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap international airports.


China Duty Free Group (CDFG)


Artisans Angkor is pleased to have many pieces displayed at the China Duty Free Group store in Siem Reap.


China South City
Artisans Angkor was selected as one of the best Arts & Crafts producers in ASEAN countries, especially for its silk, stone and wood carving, and jewelry collections by the group called “China South City” that chose to sell our products in China. 



Pharma Product Manufacturing (PPM)


Artisans Angkor developed a partnership with the Cambodian enterprise Pharma Product Manufacturing, by purchasing at a preferential tariff its nutritional product called Bobor Rong Roeung, which is a complement or replacement for breast milk, and by distributing if for free to the artisans who have children under 2 years-old.  





Artisans Angkor has several of its pieces displayed at the TANGS Store on the famous Orchard Road in Singapore.



Compagnie Française de l’Orient et de la Chine


Artisans Angkor has a specific lacquer collection available for sale at the Compagnie Française de l’Orient et de la Chine,  a unique and gorgeous Parisian concept store dedicated to the art of living, located on the famous Boulevard Haussmann. It is one of the most elegant boutiques promoting Arts and Crafts in Paris.



L'Avant Scène, Concept-Store
Artisans Angkor got several of its silk and lacquer pieces available for sale at L’Avant Scène, concept store in Fashion and Design, in Paris.



Babel Concept Store


Artisans Angkor got one special silk family clothing collection available for sale at Babel Concept Store in Paris.


Artisan Connect


Artisans Angkor is part of Artisan Connect, an organization whose mission is to help sustain artisans by providing a fair return for their crafts.




Bil P Storeman  


Artisans Angkor has several of its products available on Bil P Storeman’s website, which is an online boutique that sells only ethical and environmental-friendly products.



Amansara – Aman Resorts


Amansara Resort assigned Artisans Angkor to make the decoration of several of its rooms as well as its spa whose walls are now covered with two impressive 43 meter-long bas-reliefs carved by our artisans. 



Belmond - La Résidence d’Angkor Siem Reap


La Résidence d’Angkor asked Artisans Angkor to make the decoration of several parts of its hotel, including an impressive sandstone bas-relief of Apsaras which is located at the entrance, behind the reception hall.



Heritage Suites Hotel   


Heritage Suites Hotel, which is the unique Relais & Châteaux member in Cambodia, entrusted Artisans Angkor with the decoration of its walls and of several of its suites, using particularly many of our refined silk panels.


K-West - Amanjaya Pancam Hotel


The restaurant of Amanjaya Pancam Hotel, K-West kindly appealed to Artisans Angkor for the decoration of its sofas with original silk cushion covers.


Raffles Grand Hotel d'Angkor


Raffle Grand Hotel d’Angkor asked Artisans Angkor to help with the decoration of certain parts of its hotel.


Le Safran La Suite (Phnom Penh)


Le Safran La Suite requested that Artisans Angkor took care of the decoration of certain parts of its hotel.


Sofitel  Phnom Penh Phokeethra
Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra assigned Artisans Angkor several times to decorate its welcoming hall with majestic and original Christmas trees. 




Victoria Angkor Resort and Spa



Victoria Angkor Resort and Spa kindly entrusted Artisans Angkor with the decoration of certain parts of its hotel, including its welcoming hall and its bar.