Decoration of luxury hotels

Decoration of Luxury Hotels


Since its creation, Artisans Angkor played an important role in Siem Reap province by providing training and employment to local inhabitants, and also by putting its trademark in some renowned places in the city. 




La Résidence d’Angkor


Formerly called the Pansea, this Khmer-style hotel built in wood was the first special project carried out by the craftsmen of Artisans Angkor. They built special pieces of furniture and produced unique decorative stone sculptures and bas-reliefs, as well as lacquer paintings to ornament the place. The diversity of materials, such as precious wood, sandstone and silk, which were used to decorate the lobby, rooms and garden, enhance the charming Cambodian atmosphere which emerges from the Résidence d’Angkor. 




Victoria Angkor Hotel


Artisans Angkor was very pleased to take part in the decoration of the Victoria Angkor Hotel, which was built in December 2003 next to the Royal residence. The stone carvers and lacquerers produced by hand many of the sculptures and bas-reliefs which can be found at the entrance hall of the hotel. The wood carvers crafted several chairs, sofas, lamps (also made with our raw silk) and other pieces of furniture of the suites and halls. The painters made various panels that are hung on the walls of corridors and rooms. 





Amansara Resort 


At Amansara Resort, a luxurious hotel in Siem Reap city which was a former royal retreat, Artisans Angkor ornamented several room walls with sculpted bas-reliefs or raw silk, and some decorations were added to the garden. Moreover, two monumental bas-reliefs which are 43 meters-long each were also hand carved by our artisans in order to embellish the spa. All these decorations were exclusively designed for this high-class hotel.