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Words from our artisans and their relatives

We care for our people

Words from our artisans and their relatives

Interviews conducted in our rural workshops (Siem Reap Province) in September 2015.


‘’My wife and I both have been working at Artisans Angkor for over 6 years. I’m glad that I can live off of my passion for wood carving while contributing to Khmer heritage’s revitalizing, which makes my dad very proud. Our incomes allow us to meet the needs of our entire family. What I like the most about Artisans Angkor is their way to consider us as human beings, and not only as workforce.’’
Mr. Vanh Sovann, wood carving artisan


 “Since he was a child, my son has been carving wooden items and offering them to his relatives. Over the years, I was able to see his technique evolving. I always loved my son’s makings/conceptions but his six months’ training at Artisans Angkor allowed him to become a professional recognized by his peers.”
Mrs. Rerm Nhok, mother of a wood carving artisan


“My wife and I met thanks to Artisans Angkor. We both have been working there as Silk Prototypers for 15 years. Our job consists in searching for graphic and material inspirations for upcoming new collections. Even if we do not agree on everything, my wife and I work as a team. Our key rule is to stop talking about business as soon as we leave our workplace.”
Mr. Lay Vichet, Silk Prototyper at Artisan Angkor


“I am proud to see my son and his wife taking over the Khmer heritage, as these traditional techniques are part of our identity. Artisans Angkor provides fair incomes that enable us to live comfortably all together. I am happy to see my family living peacefully without being afraid of the future.’’
Mr. Saing Sim, father of a wood carving artisan


“I was hired by Artisans Angkor on 3 key-criteria: motivation, dexterity but also geographical proximity with the workshops. Living 5 minutes away from my workplace allows me to spend more time with my 5 months-old son. It also allows our family to make significant savings, given the limited transportation.”
Mrs. KONG Sanam, lacquer artisan


 “Thanks to their jobs, Mom and Dad can support and accommodate my grandparents. I really love living with them. They take care of me, they play with me all the time and they let me do what I want.’’
LAY Tola, son of Silk prototypers at Artisans Angkor


“My husband has been an artisan for two years, I have been for three years. We did not get the chance to learn English during our studies and it was difficult to find a job unrelated to tourism in Siem Reap. Artisans Angkor gave us the opportunity to work in an environment that fascinates us and matches our skills.”
Mrs. KONG Sanam, lacquer artisan


“My sister is a lacquer painter at Artisans Angkor. After school, I like to pick her up from her workshop. She often shows me her makings/conceptions and I think they are beautiful. She is so talented.”
Ms. KONG Channy, sister of a lacquer artisan


“I am happy to see my daughter and her husband being involved in traditional Khmer culture’s revitalizing, which I had dreaded to see disappear during my childhood. But what makes me the happiest is to see them that much fulfilled in their personal and professional lives.”
Mrs. Vann Sat, mother of a Silk Prototyper


‘’I know that education is important because that is what my parents tell me all the time. They learnt how to make beautiful items at work. That is why I want to be a teacher when I grow up.’’
SING SOVANN Kalyan, daughter of wood carving artisan


‘’My son has found a steady job that suits him and highlights our culture. He has been working at Artisans Angkor for 15 years. This has been his first job and he is so talented that it could be his life job, if that is what he wants.’’
Mr. KOL Sarin, father of Silk prototype at Artisans Angkor


“Working for Artisans Angkor has allowed our family to evolve in optimal conditions. Every time I was pregnant (I have three children), I could enjoy a three and a half months long maternity leave. The free medical monitoring included in Artisans Angkor’s social program is very reassuring.”
Mrs. YUN Saroeuth, Silk prototyper at Artisans Angkor


"I joined Artisan Angkor’s workshops as a ceramist after a three months training. I am proud to learn how to transform clay into porcelain, matching together the elegance of tradition with the lightness of modernity."
Mr. PAN San, ceramics artisan


"After seven past years to the creation of Artisan Angkor’s silver plating collection, I decided to apply to work on a new project: the creation of jewelry. I got the job for 2 years soon. This allowed me to evolve within the company while acquiring a new fascinating expertise."
Mr. SIEM So, jewelry artisans

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