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Artisans angkor’s partnerships with ngos

We care for our people

Artisans Angkor’s partnerships with NGOs

Artisans Angkor is proud to develop collaborations with Non-Governmental Organisations which create synergy contributing to sustainable development and poverty reduction in the Kingdom of Cambodia.

Four students from the NGO called “Pour un Sourire d’Enfant” (PSE), which supports disadvantaged youth by providing them education and vocational training, came to work at Artisans Angkor as interns for three months in order to gain valuable work experience through traineeship in the Human Resources, Marketing, Sales and Communications departments.

This partnership with PSE started four years ago and since then we have been delighted to welcome young motivated and enthusiastic students. Our four trainees in 2012 successfully achieved their internship in our company and we hope that this experience as well as the education they receive at PSE will bring them the best in their professional and personal lives.

Sala Bai
On October 9th, 2012, 60 silk scarves and 148 new uniforms were tailored by Artisans Angkor for the students of Sala Baï, which is a Hotel & RestaurantSchool founded in 2002 by the NGO “Agir pour le Cambodge.” This NGO provides free training to young and underprivileged Cambodians in the hospitality industry. It was a great pleasure to support their project as, since their creation, they have trained more than 900 young people who found employment within three months after the end of their apprenticeship.

Paul Dubrule School
Artisans Angkor was also delighted to build the front wall of “L’Ecole Paul Dubrule”, a hospitality and tourism training school” in Siem Reap and to provide them with majestic pieces such as a sandstone totem and a stone head of the famous Khmer King Jayavarman VII.

Paul Dubrule School aims at exercising its students for dynamic careers in the hospitality industry by providing them with an appropriate curriculum adapted to international standards. Cambodian employees already assume key managerial and instructional positions within the school: 90% of their team is Khmer.

Build Your Future Today
Build Your Future Today Center is a Cambodian charity setting up a health program in Siem Reap province. Last year, they needed to raise $27,000 to get a 4 wheel drive in order to transport villagers to hospitals and bring medical supplies to the villages. Now, they finally reached their goal and got the 4 wheel drive which will be much needed during the wet season.

Find out more about BFT Center’s activity on their Facebook page.Artisans Angkor donated one unique statue made by hand by our artistic department for last year’s charity auction.  The wooden statue is painted and gilded following the polychrome process. We are glad that we contributed to the successful fundraising efforts of BFT Center. The purchasers live in Sydney where the statue is now decorating their home.

The Tri4Number1 Run
If you saw someone running with a stuffed penguin on his back in the East coast of the United States, no doubt, it was certainly Nels Matson. Born with a heart defect, the 30 years old runner from Florida had an operation at an early age. Now, he just ended on July 19th his 1,200 miles run, a 35-day journey from Florida to the Cambodian Embassy in Washington, D.C.

The Tri4Number1 Run’s goal was to raise $21,000 for Hearts Without Boundaries, a Californian non-profit supporting cardiac surgery missions in Cambodia. With this amount, seven children could be saved as a heart surgery costs $3,000 per patient.

Unlike Nels, out of the 100,000 Cambodian children born with congenital heart defect, few are able to get heart surgeries. Thanks to Hearts Without Boundaries, yearly medical missions to Cambodia can bring about change. American doctors come to perform vital surgeries and have already managed to save lives.

The fundraising efforts of Nels Matson will contribute to the success of these missions and provide sponsorship for children. As for Diplo, it will join the Angkor Hospital for Children in Cambodia with its shirt full of signatures from American children suffering from the same health condition.

Artisans Angkor is proud to support this initiative by offering trophy made by hand in wood and lacquer by our craftsmen and dedicated to Nels Matson, on behalf of Hearts Without Boundaries and Khmer people.

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