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Complementary food for children

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Complementary food for children

Early 2013, Artisans Angkor started a new partnership with the Cambodian enterprise PPM and its nutritional product called Bobor Rong Roeung, which is a fortified flour that can be used as a complementary food for children from 6 months and over. Since then, our company has given for free this dietary complement to all our employees who have children up to the age of two years old. Ninety-five families currently benefit from that product.

This product follows international quality standards and is approved by the Cambodian Ministry of Health. It caters to toddlers’ energetic needs as it contains the necessary nutriments for a meal in each portion. With its 13 different types of vitamins and 12 minerals, Bobor Rong Roeung participates to children’s well-being and proper development.

Besides being the right nutritional complement to our artisans’ little ones, this flour is produced with local raw materials, such as rice and beans that are grown in Cambodia, which is another way to contribute to the economic growth of Cambodia. It is an easy-to-cook food and saves a considerable amount of time as boiling water is only what it takes to prepare this product. And the result is quite a treat!

This new partnership follows the line we have taken in terms of improvement of daily life conditions. Indeed, improving quality of life at the workplace as well as at the household has always been one of Artisans Angkor’s goal since its creation. Maintaining a good diet is the first step to self-development.

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