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Artisans angkor's medical assistance

We care for our people

Artisans Angkor's Medical Assistance

Artisans Angkor has hired a doctor and three nurses who follow-up the health of all employees – free of charge for them. There are medical centers in the main sites of the company and the medical team visits all rural workshops twice a month
The medical treatments that are listed under the protocol related to the most common diseases in Cambodia are provided for free to Artisans Angkor’s employees by the doctor, if the latter prescribes them 
A foreign medical team of specialists (dermatologists, dentists, gynecologist, lung specialists, etc.) come twice a month to check-up and follow-up the health of all employees who request it
 A foreign team of nurse specialized in pain relief also comes twice a year to offer hypnosis sessions to help improve well-being at work for all employees
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