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Visit our Silk Farm

If you ever happen to be in the Siem Reap Province, do not hesitate get your head out of the temples and their exhausting rambling and take a chance to discover the beauty of Cambodia’s countryside. A good way to do it is to drop by the Angkor Silk Farm, located just 20 minutes from Siem Reap downtown.

This part of the well-known National Road 6 is quite peaceful and offers a refreshing sight of the Cambodian lush scenery. Whether you are in a tuk-tuk, a car or on a motorbike, do not miss the view of the vast and green paddy fields, the traditional stilted wooden houses, under the gaze of dozens of cows that may sometimes cross the road just in front of you!
While at the Angkor Silk Farm, you will find out a hidden treasure: a delightful quiet place surrounded by five hectares of mulberry trees plantations where the whole traditional process which gives birth to silk is displayed and explained.
When entering the site, a smiling Cambodian guide will welcome you and will offer you to start a free guided tour with him around the different workshops between which you will peacefully walk through small alleys all covered by greenery. You will also have the possibility to wander around in this relaxing place and experience the feeling that time has stopped for a while, giving you the pleasure to enjoy your visit and realise the beauty of nature and of human virtuosity. Allow yourself to take your time, to sit down for a few minutes at a table of the coffee shop and to listen to exotic birds twittering.
You are on your way to a fascinating journey during which you will undoubtedly be astonished by this complex process which starts with mulberry trees cultivation to enable silkworm farming; silkworm which will magically grow into cocoons that will then become silk threads… The visit will then continue with the wonder of our talented artisans working so meticulously with those threads to turn them into splendid silk fabrics.

But one step at a time, do you know how silkworms end up creating silk threads?

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