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Top 10 of countries to visit in asia

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Top 10 of countries to visit in Asia

Asia is a very large continent with a lot of different countries. The Asian culture is also much diversified according to the religious, the political and traditional background of each country. 
Thus, people who want to travel in Asia often have difficulties to choose what they really should visit during their trip, how they really can see the best of Asia in few weeks. Indeed, it is quite hard to select just a sample of some beautiful sightseeing as they are so many! Yet, we did it for you and hope you will appreciate our suggested tour in Asia! 
A lot of tourism agencies offer travellers the same kind of tour. So, we will try to suggest you different and unusual things to do. However, some places are really not to be missed destinations!

At first, we suggest you to go in Japan, to start ‘softly’ the change of scene. Indeed, we cannot tell you not to visit the capital Tokyo and the Japanese symbol, the Fuji Mountain! Nevertheless, we really recommend you to go to Kyoto, near from Osaka. You will discover a lot of things like: the Kiyomizudera temple, the Nishiki market, the Arashiyama bamboo forest and even meet some geishas! 
For those who want to experiment new things, the numerous ‘onsens’ of the Beppu city should give you satisfaction. You can try steam, sand and mud baths!

Then, you should go to China where there are also a lot of things to visit absolutely: Great Wall in Beijing, Oriental Pearl and the Bund of Shanghai, the Buried Army in Xian… But, for those who want to see amazing sightseeing, we suggest you to visit the Sichuan Province. It is a beautiful, and not yet too crowded province, located in the West of China, next to the Tibet. You can first visit the Giant Pandas Reserve of Chengdu. Then, you should see the biggest Buddha in the world, carving on the edge of a cliff in front of a big lake. Finally, for the lovers of nature, go to Jiuzhaigou. It is a natural reserve protected by UNESCO. It will offer you a splendid view of turquoise water lakes surrounded by forest. The best time to go is during the spring.

Do not forget that Nepal is a country which has the 8 highest mountains in the world. So, trekking is a famous thing to do in Nepal if you are brave and athletic enough! Many tourism agencies offer different tours.

Nepal is a good transition from China to India, with its mix-culture. Once you arrived in India, go to Agra and visit the Taj Mahal. It is even better if you can go early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise and it is not yet full of tourists. Then, you can go the Varanasi and Jaipur which are beautiful cities where you can see daily life in India.

There is no typical monument or place as we can have in others Asian countries. Nevertheless, Laos is worthy thanks to its welcoming inhabitants and its landscapes. We suggest you to stay at Luang prabang and/or Muang sing for 2-3 days.

Thailand is a necessary step in your Asian trip! Most and most popular and touristic, Bangkok is a lively city. During the day, enjoy the beautiful beaches of Koh Tao and spend the night at Hat Rin for a full moon party! 
If you want to see something a little bit more historical, go to Ayutthaya to see the ruins temples of the former capital, registered to UNESCO. 
If you want to enjoy a nature expedition, go to the Phang Nga Bay and take a kayak to discover the hidden limestone caves! Magnificent view guaranteed.

It is not a surprise if we tell you that you really should go to the Angkor Temples. It is definitely the place to see in Cambodia if you had to choose one. Some prefer going early on the morning to see the sunrise on the Angkor Wat Temple. But, whenever you visit it, you will be amazed by the beauty and the majesty of temples.

Ha Long Bay is mythical for a reason: it is one of the only places in the world where you can see big cliffs emerging from the sea like this! It is something very surprising and also very beautiful.
Fauna and flora in Indonesia are so luxuriant, as the seabed. Indeed, if you want to dive sometimes, Raja Ampat islands are the dreamed place to do it! You will discover many species of corals and fishes in transparent water!

Composed by more than 7000 islands, Philippines have so many white sand beaches where you can enjoy sun and sea, like in Boracay for example. Nevertheless, beaches are not the only tourist attractions. There are also a lot of street festivals you can admire. Philippines people know how to celebrate and make parties, with colorful parades, drums, songs and dance. So, feel free to join the parade and do not forget your costume!

We hope that you will enjoy the tour we suggest you and give you an idea of what kind of things you can expect to see in Asia. Enjoy your trip and travel safe!

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