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Top 5 of things to do in southeast asia

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Top 5 of things to do in Southeast Asia

People who want to travel in Southeast Asia often have difficulties to choose what they really should visit during their trip, how they really can see the best in few weeks. Indeed, it is quite hard to select just a sample of some beautiful sightseeing as they are so many! Yet, we did it for you and hope you will appreciate our suggested tour in Southeast Asia!

We advise you to start by one of the oldest monument of the Khmer civilization: the Angkor Temples! If you decide to visit the Angkor Wat temple, you really should do it early on the morning to enjoy the sunrise and the peaceful atmosphere at that time of the day.Then, continue with the Angkor Thom and the Bayon Temples which are less famous than the first one but which really are worthy too. You will be amazed by the four faces tower of the Bayon and the majesty of the Khmer architecture.The Angkor Temples site extends over 400 square kilometers. So, we recommend you to visit it for 3 days.

Besides, ones of the most beautiful beaches in the world are those of Indonesia, especially the Raja Ampat islands. White sand beaches and turquoise water are waiting for you! Let’s relax your mind and body in this idyllic spot. You will not regret it!

The next monument we suggest you to see is the Phra Kaeo in Bangkok, Thailand. Inside this magnificent royal temple, you will discover a famous emerald Buddha statue and admire all the ornaments and decorations.

Then, the Ha Long Bay is one of the wonders of Vietnam and it is a place not to be missed if you travel in Southeast Asia. This spectacular sightseeing is composed by 1 600 ‘islands’ emerging from the sea. 

Finally, you can finish your Southeast Asia trip in the Philippines. We suggest you to go to Palawan which means ‘the last frontier’. On this island, you will appreciate lying on the sand white beaches, walking into the jungle, visiting the fishermen village… This island is really one of the most beautiful of the Philippines archipelago.

We hope that you will enjoy the tour we suggest you and give you an idea of what kind of things you can expect to see in Southeast Asia. Enjoy your trip and travel safe!

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