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At the end of the journey through the silk workshops, our Artisans Angkor Silk Farm offers a comprehensive overview of the history of silk in Cambodia in its Silk museum located in a high-ceiling workshop-like space. 

The Silk Museum is dedicated to the preservation and expansion of public knowledge of the Cambodian heritage related to silk fabrics, clothing and traditional weaving tools. 

The visit begins with the presentation of several traditional Khmer fabrics and information about textile-related Cambodian folklore.


Parts of the museum show the evolution of the use of silk from the Angkorian era, by means ofsculptures  reproducing specimens of the Angkor temples that feature specific motifs on their apparel, to its use nowadays through the display of traditional outfits worn during religious ceremonies, weddings and performances of traditional classical dance.  
The Museum provides documentation about the expansion and development of the silk production in Cambodia during the 20th century. The exhibition of authentic Cambodian silk tools, including a magnificently carved traditional loom, also help understand the great development of silk production.