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Artisans Angkor has had the honor to be awarded by the highest authority for supporting craft producers: UNESCO. The history between Artisans Angkor and this international organization dates back to eight years ago, when our company first received two “Seals of Excellence for Handicraft Products of Southeast Asia” which were jointly attributed by UNESCO and the Asean Handicraft Promotion and Development Association (AHPADA).
These awards are granted to products which “meets high standards of quality, innovating, cultural authenticity, as well as socially and environmentally responsible production”. With the constant efforts developed by Artisans Angkor regarding the quality of its products and the handing over of the traditional handicraft skills, our company managed to win these awards many times, and for the last time in 2012!

In 2005, our two products called “JOSA, the joyful salad bowl” from the Collection 2005-2006 and our Deluxe Chorebap Silk Scarf (which is still in our collection nowadays) were granted with this award. In 2006, two items handmade by Artisans Angkor also received the Seal of Excellence: the silk “Sunset Shawl” and the wooden “Natural Plate”. In 2008, the awards were attributed to two of our products: our “Candle Holder” and our “Krama Picnic Tray.”

More recently, two new handmade silk creations by Artisans Angkor from the silk collection 2012-2013 were awarded: the “Elephant cushion cover” and the “Jungle Chic cushion cover.”

Artisans Angkor is therefore proud and honored to be a new member of the World Crafts Council as this non-governmental organization and our company share the same goals of sustainable development through the assertion of cultural identity and protection of cultural diversity while taking into account social and human values. 2012 was an important year in terms of partnerships for Artisans Angkor. Indeed, in August 2012, our company became a member of World Crafts Council (WCC), an NGO affiliated to UNESCO in a consultative status. This organization groups together companies excelling in craftsmanship and in order to find solutions to maintain traditional handicraft skills while being innovative and reaching out new markets.

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