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Asean csr award

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Artisans Angkor had the privilege to be featured as an example of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in a technical workshop organized by the ASEAN Commission on Human Rights in Singapore.

For this occasion, Artisans Angkor was the only Cambodian company that was invited to this meeting to share its experience and practices. This great honor was made possible thanks to the Cambodian delegation in charge of this project.

A working group worked closely with Artisans Angkor and thoroughly analyzed our CSR program, and then selected us to illustrate a practical application of the CSR rules in Cambodia.

This program is under the responsibility of H.E. Mr. OM Yentieng, who is the President of the Anti-Corruption Unit of Kingdom of Cambodia since 2010. His extensive experience in politics includes positions in various governmental fields such as Culture, Justice Affairs, Cambodian Human Rights, Anti-Terrorism and so on.



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