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Our partnership with dfdl, cambodia

What we believe in


We are proud to count DFDL Cambodia as one of our new partners! Recently, they generously helped sponsor the creation of our Comic Book “Kanya and Rithy – the memoires of Artisans Angkor

What is DFDL?
DFDL is an investment advisory firm specialized in frontier markets. It is also licensed as an investment company by the Council for the Development of Cambodia, and the Cambodian Investment Board. Over the years, they have been involved in major projects in Cambodia including electricity projects, aviation and telecommunications. 

Why we liked them?
Apart their involvement in several advising/fundraising projects for Cambodian companies and NGOs, DFDL is also committed to implementing social, educational and environmental actions in the country, such as:
Tennis Federation of Cambodia: They established an annual Tennis Training Fund, to help young Cambodian tennis players in developing their skills. This fund includes regular trips abroad, tournaments and training in renowned tennis camps.
Legal Studies fund – Education: Thanks to a scholarship designed to help Cambodian students in need of financial assistance, DFDL sponsor up to 8 law students – coming from various schools and NGOs – every year.

Why did they chose to support us?
According to Mr. Guillaume Massin, Managing Director of DFDL: “Artisans Angkor has inspired us to play our part in the active involvement of local initiatives for the promotion of Cambodian culture”.


We would like to thank them once again for their precious and really appreciated support! 


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