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Our story in brief

What we believe in


Vocational training 
Artisans Angkor is a Cambodian company that was created at the end of 1990’s to help young rural people find work near their home village. It is the offshoot of an educational project aiming at providing professional skills to communities with limited educational opportunities.

Artisans Angkor has maintained its commitment to education by developing its own training program in the craft sector. Our training is designed to give professional skills to young people with limited education. The aim is to let them master a job after a 6 to 9 months training period.
Fair Development of Khmer Arts & Crafts
Since its creation, Artisans Angkor has strived to offer good working conditions and social advantages to its employees. 
It has 48 workshops operating in 12 sites located in Siem Reap province and it provides employment to over 1100 people, including about 800 artisans.
Reviving Cambodian Craftsmanship 
Over the years, Artisans Angkor has become a real showcase of Khmer handicrafts for its silk fabrics, stone and wood carving, lacquerware, gilding, ceramics, silver plating, silk painting, and jewelry. 
The company revitalizes traditional Cambodian Arts & Crafts, and it offers a wide collection of handmade clothing and home furnishing fitted to contemporary lifestyles.
Offering fair working conditions
Artisans Angkor has pioneered a new social policy in Cambodia, guaranteeing a fair income as well as social and medical welfare to all its employees. The artisans themselves formed an association that holds a 20-percent share in the company. 
The company’s excess cash flows are reinvested in the opening of workshops in rural villages, new apprenticeships, lifelong training, and healthcare. A workshop opening means more employment in disadvantaged rural communities and therefore an improvement of social conditions and poverty alleviation.
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