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Jewelry temple collection

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Jewelry Temple Collection

Ms. Alice Varini is Jewelry designer at Artisans Angkor. Before moving to Cambodia, she has learnt jewelry fabrication and design in Paris for 6 years, and worked with renowned creators such as Swarovski and Marie-Hélène de Taillac. This year, she designed Artisans Angkor latest jewelry line, mostly inspired by the magnificence of the Angkor temples.

Angkorian Symbols and how to select them

‘’What I really wanted was to feature the unique and beautiful details that can be seen in Angkorian architecture and main symbols. I also saw an opportunity for the visitors and clients to bring back an authentic Cambodian Art Piece as a souvenir.

Mainly focusing on Angkor site’s most famous temples, I chose the patterns in accordance with aesthetics; I tried many symbols, until the ones that fitted the jewels in the most relevant and graceful way naturally appear as an obvious choice.

When authenticity meets modernity

Artisans Angkor always strives to highlight Khmer patrimony and cultural heritage; in order to preserve it on one hand, but also so that foreigners realize how wonderful and rich this country is. That is why - even if we sometimes reinterpret and customize the traditional designs - we always stay committed to local symbols.’’

A deeper look into the collection and its process

“When you want to create a whole new collection with an authentic and traditional approach in mind, the first step of all is to get immersed in the cultural and historical universe. I went to the temples and museums several times, searching for inspiration.

After taking many pictures, I started drawing sketches and selected the most harmonious symbols, before graphically redrawing all the pieces.

As the Angkor temples - of course - hold a special place in their heart, the jewelry artisans were really happy to work on this collection, and to engrave traditional motifs on silver. They also had the opportunity to gain insights about gemstones setting. I am really proud of the progress they have made since I work here (3 years), and happy I got the chance to teach them a know-how they will carry all their life long.

“My favorite piece of this collection is the Preah Khan Ear Cuff, because it is the most unusual and creative one. Wearing this jewel will make you feel like you live back in Angkorian times, but also modern and unique.”

Words by Alice Varini.

© All sketches and technical drawings are the exclusive property of Artisans Angkor

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