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One scarf, different moments

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One scarf, different moments

No need to remind you that the scarf is THE essential accessory to have in your wardrobe! The one we will show you in this presentation is an organza scarf made at Artisans Angkor: it’s a stylish and unpretentious piece that can liven up any look. Let us give you a few inspirations on how to wear it.

Whether you are shopping alone or with friends, add a timeless touch of elegance to your look by wearing your scarf around your neck with a knot on the side – it will give you a bit of a retro look. Just put your sunglasses on and you will be perfect 

Shopping without a bag is like washing your body without soap: unthinkable! The bag is one of the fashionistas’ musts. So, why not give a fancy new style to your silk Leisure bag from Artisans Angkor? By juggling the colors, you will give a fresh and girly touch to your bag which will greatly benefit from this simple revamping.

If you are rather in a relaxed mood, you can also opt for a “lazy” style by using your scarf as a headband. Extra: no more flyaways!


After a whole morning window shopping, you deserve a restful time – why not at the beach! Unleash your inner hippie by wearing your scarf on one side of your head. If you feel more like a sailor, adopt a trendy cruise look by wearing your scarf loosely around your neck.


Once you got a nice sun tan, why not having a drink with your girlfriends? We all know that being “too much” isn’t necessary with our friends so opt for a discreet style. The hair bow has long won its spurs: you can wear it with a bun or as a headband. This little extra touch will make you so lovely!

For fashion addicts who crave for originality: tie your scarf around the handle of your bag. It will be quite a hit!


Nothing could be better than ending your day with your sweetheart. This is the time to dress up a little: use one scarf as a necklace along with another one tied around your wrist as a bracelet in order to get a classy look OR wear the scarf as a belt. But be careful not to wear all three of them at the same time in order to avoid looking like a Christmas package!

Those are just a few suggestions on how to wear an Artisans Angkor’s silk organza scarf. Now it is your turn to be creative!

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