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The art of hand-carving – angkor style!

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The Art of hand-carving – Angkor style!

Interview of Artwood’s Managing Director

In 2016, Artisans Angkor produced a unique craft piece for the personal house of Mrs. Yin Daravy, Managing Director of the Interior Design & Furniture boutique Artwood (Phnom Penh).

As you can see below, the special order in question was a huge sandstone bas-relief, depicting Cambodian traditional musicians. 3 months were necessary to achieve this 180cm high and 850kg weight handmade carving. Its design was created by our Research & Development department, according to Mrs. Yin Daravy’s expectations.

Let’s get back on an amazing traditional carving process, through the live feedback of this successful Cambodian woman!


Artisans Angkor: How did you discover Artisans Angkor and why did you choose our company for the decoration of your living room?

Ravy: I sometimes have to go to Siem Reap for professional purposes. When I’m there, I always drop by Artisan Angkor to see what’s new, especially regarding silk products. I admire the quality of the handmade craft pieces. Moreover, when I buy something from your social company, I feel like I contribute to help my own people: Cambodian people.


AA: What do you like the most about Artisans Angkor?

R: The fact that everything is handmade by passionate artisans. Nowadays, it’s really easy to get the work done by machines; only a few people have enough talent to produce beautiful things exclusively by hand.


AA: Why did you ask for traditional Cambodian musicians to be carved?

R: As an interior designer, I love unique, exceptional new things! I decided to give the idea of a local musicians “band” to Artisans Angkor because it felt previously unseen, and I trusted them with the rest!


AA: How happy are you with the result?

R: I must admit it took a long time to be finished (3 months!), but I understand why quality handmade processes are time-consuming.  I am really happy with the result! I also would like to emphasize that Artisans Angkor’s staff was really nice and helpful. I especially liked working with your after sales service manager; she was a friendly help during this project.

Interview conducted by Artisans Angkor in November 2016.

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