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Christmas trees - sofitel

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Christmas Trees - sofitel

Even if Cambodia is mostly a Buddhist country which was not used to celebrating holidays like Christmas, it now becomes more and more common to see Christmas decoration in the streets of Cambodia’s big cities, hotels and boutiques.

Therefore it was a great honour when during fall 2012 and 2013, the luxury hotel Sofitel Phnom Penh Phokeethra asked us if we could create original Christmas trees that they would put in the middle of their entrance hall.

This was quite a challenge as the requirements were to be loyal to our traditional handmade skills, to the crafts that we master and to propose a distinctive version of a “typical” Christmas tree. Our Research and Development department worked a lot on the design and technical conception of these masterpieces which were entirely made by Artisans Angkor.

Thess Christmas trees depicts important Cambodian emblems: the Royal Elephant which represents wisdom and stability and the flower whose shape recalls the refined crown of the charming Apsaras. As for the snowflakes, they are a tribute to winter and its traditions.

This special orders show an example of Artisans Angkor’s evolution to more contemporary pieces, yet preserving the Khmer traditional background and techniques upon which our identity has been built.


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