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Artisans angkor prestige gallery

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 Artisans Angkor Prestige Gallery presents an impressive collection of majestic art pieces that were made by our most talented artists-artisans. Through the exhibition of those exceptional pieces that depict important symbols of the Angkorian era, we hope that visitors will be able to better understand Cambodia’s cultural history.

The Prestige Gallery displays and describes well-known life-size reproductions of specimens from Angkor Wat and the Bayon temples, as well as original creations inspired by the rich Khmer culture.

Most of the pieces are made either from sandstone, which is the raw material that was used to build the Angkor temples, or from gold and lacquer, which gives an insight of how colorful the temples could have been centuries ago.

The Prestige Gallery offers a great opportunity to deepen your knowledge about Angkor while enjoying the authentic beauty of traditional handicrafts.

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