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Artisans Angkor has developed from the ambitious belief that it is possible to revive ancient Khmer Arts & Crafts while improving the lives of thousands of people living in rural areas.


Not only has Artisans Angkor become a company dedicated to the preservation of traditional Khmer skills in silk-making, stone and wood carving, lacquering and painting, but it is also an organization committed to promote the development of individuals and secure their future by the means of education and welfare.


Today, our 1300 employees are proud to show that Cambodian handicraft is still alive and more creative than ever. By developing high quality products that express the dynamism of the Khmer culture, Artisans Angkor strives to be a timeless showcase for Cambodian crafts with pieces inspired by Angkor heritage as well as fashionable handmade clothing and decorative items that can suit contemporary lifestyles.


We would like to invite you to learn about  our inspiring story and craftsmanship by reading the related pages on this website. If you are in Cambodia, do not forget to visit our two main sites in Siem Reap region and you will have an opportunity to experience an unforgettable voyage into the heart of Cambodian Arts & Crafts. We warmly welcome visitors to come and share our story.


DOEUM Manam, 33 years-old, Polychrome technician 

  When I was a teenager, I used to make wicker baskets and to sell them at the market. I liked working with my hands but did not have much technique. That is why when I heard in 1998 that the Chantiers-Ecoles were proposing some more

THAN Makara, 25 years-old, Lacquerer 

  When I was a teenager, I used to help my family at the market where we sold the vegetables that we grew ourselves. It is essential for me to stay close to my family as my relatives are very important to me. When I turned 18 years-old, my older more